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Easter Baskets And Party Favors!

Easter is just around the corner and if you’re stressed about planning for your celebration, take a deep breath right now. Decorating and putting together gift baskets should be fun and it definitely is! It sounds like a lot of time and work, but at the end of the day every minute of it is worth it!

The Easter color scheme is one of the most aesthetically pleasing. Its pastel and soft colors make for a great way to decorate. They're a lot of fun to work with and the possibilities for them are endless! The lighter colors used for the Spring season in general are gorgeous so putting them to work is a lot of fun!  

 Putting Together A Basket 

The easy way out is to head to a store and buy a basket that already has everything done for you, but there is no fun in that. If you're buying baskets for more than five kids you will end up spending close to one hundred dollars! That's the type of money you can spend on food for the day instead! 

If you're wanting to put together Easter baskets for your friends, mom, colleagues or anyone in between, I have the best and most affordable idea for you. A basket only gets used during this very specific day, especially an Easter basket. You can't really take with you on a quick trip to Target, perhaps you could, but you'd definitely look strange. 

A much more useful gift would be to get a couple of cute reusable canvas tote bags which you can find at stores like H&M to start yourself off. You can buy a bunch of useful smaller items to fill them up with next. 

For example, small jewelry, scrunchies, keychains, tumblers, card holders, face masks, moisturizers, hand sanitizer, and makeup wipes. Most of these items you can find for extremely low prices at your local drugstore and you can get the travel sizes so you don't spend too much! You can order sets of scrunchies and rings on Amazon at low prices as well! (I have added links to some of my personal favorites at the best prices!)

A lot of our own items make a great addition to the bag so make sure to take a look around our website as you decide on what to buy (;

It's fairly easy to make a basket this way and the aesthetic of it still fits the Easter look, it just has more of a mature look to it. And mature looks good on everyone! 

DIY Decorating for Tumblers

If an entire gift bag seems like too much, a fun party favor like this never fails! A cricut machine and some creativity is all you need! If you find yourself going through a creative block, then check out all of the awesome ideas pinterest has to offer! If you aren't already always checking out the DIY projects the many users have to offer, you definitely have to jump onto that wave! 

You can easily find fun tumblers to decorate online or at stores! Like I mentioned before, the color palette for Easter is extremely fun to work with. You can find the pastels everywhere you go during this time of year! After finding the tumblers that best fit what you imagined, it's time to come up with your vinyl sticker. 

It's really as simple as googling "Short Easter Quotes" and choosing whichever ones you like best. If you have trouble with designing yourself, you can also search up stickers that have already been made by others! Bunny rabbits and eggs usually make the best fit for this theme. 

After you're all set with designing, it's time to get those stickers onto your cups and shoot some pics of the masterpiece you have created! Again, stick to those pastels! It's not as much work as you might think, it can definitely all be done in under a day. You'll find it to be soothing rather than stressful as party-planning is most times. 

With everything going on in the world at the moment, it's nice to take some time to appreciate the things that matter like spending time with your loved ones. Holidays like this one bring people together and in times like this, we should find our ways to come together and have some fun! 

Share your creations on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and every other platform you can think of to share with your friends and family! We definitely want to see what you come up with! 

Happy Easter from all of us here at Bewaltz!

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Organizing Your Makeup the Easy and Fun Way

Getting it Together

Spring cleaning is coming up soon and if you’re having trouble with keeping your makeup organized, here is a guide to help you get it together! Apart from keeping your brushes clean, you also need to keep them in a safe place along with your palettes and a million different mascaras. As fun as a vanity sounds, sometimes you might not have the space!


First things first, you need to set everything out in front of you and get everything separated. Separate your concealers, brushes, sponges, foundations, palettes, highlights and everything else in your selection and put them into their proper groups. You can also separate them by the different looks for example, bring together the makeup you typically use for a night-out and separate it from all of the products you use for soft glam. There are tons of ways you can part everything, it’s up to you on whichever you find to be the easiest! 

Where Should Everything Go

Once you have everything set up, it’s time to decide where you’re going to store them. Speaking from personal experience, it’s definitely best to put your contour palettes, highlights and bronzers all in the same pouch. A smaller one works best for this since these items aren’t usually too big. 

As for eyeshadow palettes, it’s usually best to keep them in a larger pouch where you don’t risk breaking them. I usually keep my eyeliners in with this pouch as well just because they’re easier to find than if they were in a bag full of other smaller tubes and brushes. I can’t count how many times I’ve lost my favorite eyeliner. 

A bag works best for your brushes, single eye shadows, mascaras and any other smaller objects that you want to pair together. The bag works best because it has a lot more space so you can pack much more into it than you would with another pouch. On top of that, although the items are smaller, they’re big enough to where you won’t lose track of where they are. If you keep them all in the same bag, you avoid any and all issues of losing them. Misplacing your favorite products is the biggest pain in the chest ever. 

What Bags to Use

The fun part is finding the bags and pouches to store them in. This is where you get to decide which cute bags you’re going to use to store everything. Now, there are a lot of places to choose from but we already have the cutest lined up here. You can choose from our wonderful bags! We have the holographic bags, the leopard prints, the iridescents, and even the sets that are already put together for you and they come with each one you will need. 

Another thing you want to look out for is making sure you find makeup bags that are easy to clean. You definitely do not want bags that take up too much of your time to get clean. If you're a daily makeup user, make sure you're cleaning your brushes and sponges once a week at the least. Every three weeks, you should be cleaning out your bag which means clean the bag itself too!! Our bags are all very easy to keep clean, wipe them off from the outside and hand wash them from the inside! It's not too tough, we promise. 

It’s always a struggle to find what fits you best but just find the best way that reflects your style adn you're set! Remember that it is always about expressing yourself! Whichever sets you like best, we definitely support you! Stay true to yourself and do yourself the favor of staying organized!

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An Intro to Bewaltz!

Our goal will always be the same- to create the most fun and colorful products for everyone to express themselves to the fullest. Despite this staying the same, there are many things that have changed within the world of Bewaltz. Many advances and changes have come to the company when it comes to products, style, and ideas. We try to stay away from the boring lane and so far, we’ve been doing a great job!

The History 

Bewaltz started off with just one product which to this day is still one of our most popular! And this would be our adorable Ice Cream Tumbler! It comes in a variety of colors including pink, purple, blue and green! It’s the perfect tumbler to have poolside while you relax on the weekend, and it works great as a gift! Everyone loves ice cream and everyone loves fun tumblers, that’s what makes this cup so much fun! Our Diamond Tumblers were also a part of this fantastic start! 

Shortly after the first tumblers came out, a few more were added to our catalog. From there, we began developing totally new products like makeup bags and crossbody’s! Then we moved to even more accessories like key chains, charms, and pens! We now offer a wide variety of products including notebooks, sticky notes, clutches, novelty bags, wallets, card holders, and much more! Every new product is just as fun, if not more, as the one before it! 

Some of our newest additions include the cutest color changing tumblers you have ever seen and novelty bags with more personality than you can imagine! The tumblers come in different designs and they include a foil inside of them that makes them change color when you add a cold drink! They are beyond fun and they will be perfect for this upcoming spring and summer! Apart from the wonderful designs they come in, the difference in color when you’ve added a cold drink is astounding! It truly is so much fun to look at. Our new novelty bags also fall under the category of extreme fun. They range from an Ice Cream Truck Handbag to a Fizzy Bubble Soda Can Handbag! 

The Lifestyle

Like stated before, we like to keep things interesting, meaning we are constantly trying to come up with innovative products. When you live in California, which is where we are based, you see the world a little differently. Everything is brighter, much more colorful, every day is a glam day, the possibilities are endless here! Our lifestyle consists of constant trips to the Santa Monica Pier and soaking up the sun, camping out at Joshua Tree under the stars, visiting the endless amount of museums in downtown Los Angeles and so much more! When you have a lifestyle like this, you want to make products equally as fun and vibrant as everything around you, and that is exactly what we do! 


Apart from bringing this fun lifestyle to light, we also wanted to make sure our products were affordable to retailers looking to stock up their stores. It’s hard enough to run a shop or a boutique, the last thing we would want our customers to worry about would be products that come at a price too high to buy. We want to make sure we are providing wholesale buyers with high-quality products at low prices! Especially with stores that are just starting up, if you don’t have the resources to buy good products at high prices then it will become impossible to keep your business running. That’s where we come in. Our products are extremely attainable and not to mention how simple our wholesale application is! If you’re a store owner looking to stock your shop with some fun products, take a look at the application here! Our customers are always our main priority! 

With that being said, let us mention a few of the things we have to offer our wholesale buyers! For starters, customization's!  Any logo, phrase, or store name that a customer wants printed onto one of our products, is also completely affordable! Not to mention, it gets finished and ready to ship out fairly quickly! Our customers are always impressed with how short the wait time on their custom products is!

Fast shipping is another one of our great qualities, as soon as an order is placed, we get ready to pack and ship out! If any mistakes are made with packing, our team is happy to help and get everything figured out! We will also replace any items damaged during shipment as quickly as possible! Our customer service is definitely top-notch and we definitely don't want any bad blood!  

Bewaltz has so much to offer, and that is why we will never stop competing to be the best within our field! We hope to see our company grow within the next few years to come, and we hope for all of you to grow right beside us!

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Welcome Souvenifty!

You know us as Bewaltz, a company that shares and creates lively products for everyone to enjoy, but we are excited to share that we have established a new brand under the name Souvenifty! This company is dedicated to making the most unique souvenirs and gifts for the memories you want to keep forever. The Globe Mug is a wonderful gift whose designs were each specially made to capture the essence of a trip or a moment that must be cherished! 

Souvenfity’s official product is the Globe Mug, perhaps you don't recognize the name and that's because this is a brand new 2-in-1 souvenir gift! It's not just a regular old snow globe or a bland mug you can get anywhere, it's an original layout! Each mug has its own unique print including many different destinations and special occasions! These include Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Route 66, Birthday mugs and so much more! The gift mug is perfect for high school graduations, anniversary's, promotions, mother/fathers day gifts, all of it! A very cool aspect of the product is that it comes with the option to customize, whether it might be name-dropping or a brand new design! The most distinct part about this gift is the 360° scene in the globe, a 3D representation that compliments the artwork on the mug itself! 

The lid is really special, and each individual design has so many small details to look at! Some of the details include aquatic life, city-scenery, tropical jungles, and even an adorable cupcake with balloons. The lid is also detachable meaning you can use your mug for everyday-use and you can keep the globe on your shelf as a nice decoration! 

Our idea was to bring together two of the most popular souvenirs, mugs and globes! And this past week, we were able to attend Surf Expo in Orlando where we officially showed our Souvenifty products to the world! We were able to exhibit both brands throughout this show, it was so much fun to finally reveal the products that took so much hard-work and dedication to perfect! 

The idea behind the Globe Mug is for people to have something they can buy while out on a vacation or simply on a single-day trip to Malibu and remember the time for as long as they have their Globe Mug! Every time they look at our product, we want them to feel the same way they felt when they conquered the city of New York for the first time, or the way they felt while they hiked the mountains and saw tons of different creatures they never thought they’d see with their own eyes! 

So we hope to see these souvenir gifts on the shelves in the shops of Santa Monica, Long Beach, Hollywood, New York, Miami, Route 66 and so many more! 

We want to keep the nostalgia alive with Souvenifty!

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What Happened In 2019?

2019 was an interesting year to say the least. Important movies finally came to the big screen, a country-rap song broke Billboard records, top secret government locations were raided and an egg became the most-liked picture on Instagram. Let’s do a quick recap of a few of these moments, here they are from the very first month, to the very last: 




The festival that never happened. The informational documentary ‘Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened’ was released on Netflix where the light is brought to what really went down in the Fyre festival and why it never actually happened. It became quite a buzz once this documentary was released, and to this day everyone who didn’t participate finds it to be quite entertaining. Oh, also an image of an egg became the most liked picture on Instagram, as of date it has 54 million likes. People take their egg pictures very seriously. 



We were all once again hit with the Love Bug when the Jonas Brothers officially announced their return. After a six year hiatus, they took the world by storm, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I don’t think we ever expected them to reunite, but now they have gifted us with Happiness Begins and many of us are lucky to say we attended their current tour which is set to end in February of next year! 


Not to bring up any past controversy, but do we still remember that thing with Shane Dawson and his cat? His apology became something of a joke on twitter and it turned out to be quite entertaining! Tim Burton also recreated a childhood classic with the live-action film Dumbo. Adults need movies like this more often, it takes us back to something special. 


Did we ever guess that a country-rap song would be the one to break Billboards longest-running number one song record? No, we honestly didn’t. But Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus managed to take over the charts and the summer of 2019. On a sadder note, Endgame spoiler alert, Iron Man is gone. As a person who’s all-time favorite MCU hero was Tony Stark, I did not enjoy watching him put on that Gauntlet and snap his fingers. I get it, it was the ultimate sacrifice but he deserved to live a long and happy life okay! Let's move on before I get started on Natasha and Steve. The original Avengers live on. 


Bill Nye unleashes his anger against climate change in an awesome video where he asks us to wake up and more importantly grow up. If you haven’t seen the video, please do. You have to see it. This month also gave us the Game of Thrones series finale, and too many people are still upset about that, so I’m not going to talk about it, let’s just give it a moment of silence. 


As the great philosopher Forky once said, “I’m trash.” What an adorable character, can we talk about that ending though? The end of Woody and Buzz came upon us this year and it’s safe to say I will literally never be the same. At first I was not happy with this ending, but I’ve come to peace with it. We can’t keep ‘em going forever. 


The US Women's Soccer Team wins the World Cup Final. It was a bit controversial since there were two other important soccer games going on that day. The players of the women's team and many fans were upset to have to share the spotlight when it should have been just their day if we’re being honest here. But hey, victory was ours! 


The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich, is it really as good as everyone says it is? I haven’t gotten around to trying it but it’s like a really big deal. I mean, I’ve seen dozens of videos of people yelling at the poor employees over a sandwich! One of my favorite unexplained mysteries of this year is the guy with the TV head that went around Virginia leaving retro TV’s on people’s porches. He went by more than 50 houses and literally just left old TV's at their front doors. 


I’m still upset they didn’t actually get to break into Area 51, I was really looking forward to seeing the aliens flying around and the memes for that era were also hilarious. It was still pretty cool to see all of the people that actually showed up. A less exciting moment of September was when it was announced that Spider-Man was going to be taken away from the MCU and turned into a Sony-only project. This would mean Tom Holland’s Peter would no longer make an appearance in any future MCU movies, but luckily the pain was momentary as it was later announced Sony and Disney had come to an agreement. 


Oh the joy October brought us with the release of DC’s Joker, an origin story film about one of DC’s greatest villains of all time. It broke records in the box office by passing up Deadpool and becoming the highest grossing R-rated comic book film in history! I personally watched it in theaters three times and I can’t wait to see it again. And let’s not forget, ‘Rise and Shine’, you sang that in your head didn’t you? Thank you Kylie Jenner for never allowing me to read that like a regular person ever again. 


The amount of Baby Yoda memes I’ve seen on my twitter timeline and my instagram feed is through the roof. And you know what? I am not complaining. They give me life. This month also gave us an app that might just overthrow Netflix and Hulu. Yeah, I’m talking about Disney+, every movie and show ever is on there. I haven’t stopped watching Hannah Montana since the app came out. 


Two and a half years after the release of his debut self-titled album, Harry Styles has once again blessed us with his musical talents. The thirteenth of this month, his second album ‘Fine Line’ was released and on that same day there was a celebration performance at the LA Forum which I was lucky enough to attend! If you haven’t yet listened to the album, please do yourself a favor! 




So there’s plenty that wasn’t mentioned, as you can see. Let’s not forget that this year also brought us Billie Eilish’s debut album ‘When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go?’ and The Incredibles 2. It took way too long for the release of that movie if you ask me, but it was worth the wait. Lizzo also rose to the top of the charts this year, along with a few other artists. Tons happened, probably things that are way more important than any of this but the important thing is that now we are starting new. 

2020, we welcome you with open arms!!

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