Easter Baskets And Party Favors!

Easter Baskets And Party Favors!

Easter is just around the corner and if you’re stressed about planning for your celebration, take a deep breath right now. Decorating and putting together gift baskets should be fun and it definitely is! It sounds like a lot of time and work, but at the end of the day every minute of it is worth it!

The Easter color scheme is one of the most aesthetically pleasing. Its pastel and soft colors make for a great way to decorate. They're a lot of fun to work with and the possibilities for them are endless! The lighter colors used for the Spring season in general are gorgeous so putting them to work is a lot of fun!  

 Putting Together A Basket 

The easy way out is to head to a store and buy a basket that already has everything done for you, but there is no fun in that. If you're buying baskets for more than five kids you will end up spending close to one hundred dollars! That's the type of money you can spend on food for the day instead! 

If you're wanting to put together Easter baskets for your friends, mom, colleagues or anyone in between, I have the best and most affordable idea for you. A basket only gets used during this very specific day, especially an Easter basket. You can't really take with you on a quick trip to Target, perhaps you could, but you'd definitely look strange. 

A much more useful gift would be to get a couple of cute reusable canvas tote bags which you can find at stores like H&M to start yourself off. You can buy a bunch of useful smaller items to fill them up with next. 

For example, small jewelry, scrunchies, keychains, tumblers, card holders, face masks, moisturizers, hand sanitizer, and makeup wipes. Most of these items you can find for extremely low prices at your local drugstore and you can get the travel sizes so you don't spend too much! You can order sets of scrunchies and rings on Amazon at low prices as well! (I have added links to some of my personal favorites at the best prices!)

A lot of our own items make a great addition to the bag so make sure to take a look around our website as you decide on what to buy (;

It's fairly easy to make a basket this way and the aesthetic of it still fits the Easter look, it just has more of a mature look to it. And mature looks good on everyone! 

DIY Decorating for Tumblers

If an entire gift bag seems like too much, a fun party favor like this never fails! A cricut machine and some creativity is all you need! If you find yourself going through a creative block, then check out all of the awesome ideas pinterest has to offer! If you aren't already always checking out the DIY projects the many users have to offer, you definitely have to jump onto that wave! 

You can easily find fun tumblers to decorate online or at stores! Like I mentioned before, the color palette for Easter is extremely fun to work with. You can find the pastels everywhere you go during this time of year! After finding the tumblers that best fit what you imagined, it's time to come up with your vinyl sticker. 

It's really as simple as googling "Short Easter Quotes" and choosing whichever ones you like best. If you have trouble with designing yourself, you can also search up stickers that have already been made by others! Bunny rabbits and eggs usually make the best fit for this theme. 

After you're all set with designing, it's time to get those stickers onto your cups and shoot some pics of the masterpiece you have created! Again, stick to those pastels! It's not as much work as you might think, it can definitely all be done in under a day. You'll find it to be soothing rather than stressful as party-planning is most times. 

With everything going on in the world at the moment, it's nice to take some time to appreciate the things that matter like spending time with your loved ones. Holidays like this one bring people together and in times like this, we should find our ways to come together and have some fun! 

Share your creations on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and every other platform you can think of to share with your friends and family! We definitely want to see what you come up with! 

Happy Easter from all of us here at Bewaltz!

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