Organizing Your Makeup the Easy and Fun Way

Organizing Your Makeup the Easy and Fun Way

Getting it Together

Spring cleaning is coming up soon and if you’re having trouble with keeping your makeup organized, here is a guide to help you get it together! Apart from keeping your brushes clean, you also need to keep them in a safe place along with your palettes and a million different mascaras. As fun as a vanity sounds, sometimes you might not have the space!


First things first, you need to set everything out in front of you and get everything separated. Separate your concealers, brushes, sponges, foundations, palettes, highlights and everything else in your selection and put them into their proper groups. You can also separate them by the different looks for example, bring together the makeup you typically use for a night-out and separate it from all of the products you use for soft glam. There are tons of ways you can part everything, it’s up to you on whichever you find to be the easiest! 

Where Should Everything Go

Once you have everything set up, it’s time to decide where you’re going to store them. Speaking from personal experience, it’s definitely best to put your contour palettes, highlights and bronzers all in the same pouch. A smaller one works best for this since these items aren’t usually too big. 

As for eyeshadow palettes, it’s usually best to keep them in a larger pouch where you don’t risk breaking them. I usually keep my eyeliners in with this pouch as well just because they’re easier to find than if they were in a bag full of other smaller tubes and brushes. I can’t count how many times I’ve lost my favorite eyeliner. 

A bag works best for your brushes, single eye shadows, mascaras and any other smaller objects that you want to pair together. The bag works best because it has a lot more space so you can pack much more into it than you would with another pouch. On top of that, although the items are smaller, they’re big enough to where you won’t lose track of where they are. If you keep them all in the same bag, you avoid any and all issues of losing them. Misplacing your favorite products is the biggest pain in the chest ever. 

What Bags to Use

The fun part is finding the bags and pouches to store them in. This is where you get to decide which cute bags you’re going to use to store everything. Now, there are a lot of places to choose from but we already have the cutest lined up here. You can choose from our wonderful bags! We have the holographic bags, the leopard prints, the iridescents, and even the sets that are already put together for you and they come with each one you will need. 

Another thing you want to look out for is making sure you find makeup bags that are easy to clean. You definitely do not want bags that take up too much of your time to get clean. If you're a daily makeup user, make sure you're cleaning your brushes and sponges once a week at the least. Every three weeks, you should be cleaning out your bag which means clean the bag itself too!! Our bags are all very easy to keep clean, wipe them off from the outside and hand wash them from the inside! It's not too tough, we promise. 

It’s always a struggle to find what fits you best but just find the best way that reflects your style adn you're set! Remember that it is always about expressing yourself! Whichever sets you like best, we definitely support you! Stay true to yourself and do yourself the favor of staying organized!

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