An Intro to Bewaltz!

An Intro to Bewaltz!

Our goal will always be the same- to create the most fun and colorful products for everyone to express themselves to the fullest. Despite this staying the same, there are many things that have changed within the world of Bewaltz. Many advances and changes have come to the company when it comes to products, style, and ideas. We try to stay away from the boring lane and so far, we’ve been doing a great job!

The History 

Bewaltz started off with just one product which to this day is still one of our most popular! And this would be our adorable Ice Cream Tumbler! It comes in a variety of colors including pink, purple, blue and green! It’s the perfect tumbler to have poolside while you relax on the weekend, and it works great as a gift! Everyone loves ice cream and everyone loves fun tumblers, that’s what makes this cup so much fun! Our Diamond Tumblers were also a part of this fantastic start! 

Shortly after the first tumblers came out, a few more were added to our catalog. From there, we began developing totally new products like makeup bags and crossbody’s! Then we moved to even more accessories like key chains, charms, and pens! We now offer a wide variety of products including notebooks, sticky notes, clutches, novelty bags, wallets, card holders, and much more! Every new product is just as fun, if not more, as the one before it! 

Some of our newest additions include the cutest color changing tumblers you have ever seen and novelty bags with more personality than you can imagine! The tumblers come in different designs and they include a foil inside of them that makes them change color when you add a cold drink! They are beyond fun and they will be perfect for this upcoming spring and summer! Apart from the wonderful designs they come in, the difference in color when you’ve added a cold drink is astounding! It truly is so much fun to look at. Our new novelty bags also fall under the category of extreme fun. They range from an Ice Cream Truck Handbag to a Fizzy Bubble Soda Can Handbag! 

The Lifestyle

Like stated before, we like to keep things interesting, meaning we are constantly trying to come up with innovative products. When you live in California, which is where we are based, you see the world a little differently. Everything is brighter, much more colorful, every day is a glam day, the possibilities are endless here! Our lifestyle consists of constant trips to the Santa Monica Pier and soaking up the sun, camping out at Joshua Tree under the stars, visiting the endless amount of museums in downtown Los Angeles and so much more! When you have a lifestyle like this, you want to make products equally as fun and vibrant as everything around you, and that is exactly what we do! 


Apart from bringing this fun lifestyle to light, we also wanted to make sure our products were affordable to retailers looking to stock up their stores. It’s hard enough to run a shop or a boutique, the last thing we would want our customers to worry about would be products that come at a price too high to buy. We want to make sure we are providing wholesale buyers with high-quality products at low prices! Especially with stores that are just starting up, if you don’t have the resources to buy good products at high prices then it will become impossible to keep your business running. That’s where we come in. Our products are extremely attainable and not to mention how simple our wholesale application is! If you’re a store owner looking to stock your shop with some fun products, take a look at the application here! Our customers are always our main priority! 

With that being said, let us mention a few of the things we have to offer our wholesale buyers! For starters, customization's!  Any logo, phrase, or store name that a customer wants printed onto one of our products, is also completely affordable! Not to mention, it gets finished and ready to ship out fairly quickly! Our customers are always impressed with how short the wait time on their custom products is!

Fast shipping is another one of our great qualities, as soon as an order is placed, we get ready to pack and ship out! If any mistakes are made with packing, our team is happy to help and get everything figured out! We will also replace any items damaged during shipment as quickly as possible! Our customer service is definitely top-notch and we definitely don't want any bad blood!  

Bewaltz has so much to offer, and that is why we will never stop competing to be the best within our field! We hope to see our company grow within the next few years to come, and we hope for all of you to grow right beside us!

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