Welcome Souvenifty!

Welcome Souvenifty!

You know us as Bewaltz, a company that shares and creates lively products for everyone to enjoy, but we are excited to share that we have established a new brand under the name Souvenifty! This company is dedicated to making the most unique souvenirs and gifts for the memories you want to keep forever. The Globe Mug is a wonderful gift whose designs were each specially made to capture the essence of a trip or a moment that must be cherished! 

Souvenfity’s official product is the Globe Mug, perhaps you don't recognize the name and that's because this is a brand new 2-in-1 souvenir gift! It's not just a regular old snow globe or a bland mug you can get anywhere, it's an original layout! Each mug has its own unique print including many different destinations and special occasions! These include Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Route 66, Birthday mugs and so much more! The gift mug is perfect for high school graduations, anniversary's, promotions, mother/fathers day gifts, all of it! A very cool aspect of the product is that it comes with the option to customize, whether it might be name-dropping or a brand new design! The most distinct part about this gift is the 360° scene in the globe, a 3D representation that compliments the artwork on the mug itself! 

The lid is really special, and each individual design has so many small details to look at! Some of the details include aquatic life, city-scenery, tropical jungles, and even an adorable cupcake with balloons. The lid is also detachable meaning you can use your mug for everyday-use and you can keep the globe on your shelf as a nice decoration! 

Our idea was to bring together two of the most popular souvenirs, mugs and globes! And this past week, we were able to attend Surf Expo in Orlando where we officially showed our Souvenifty products to the world! We were able to exhibit both brands throughout this show, it was so much fun to finally reveal the products that took so much hard-work and dedication to perfect! 

The idea behind the Globe Mug is for people to have something they can buy while out on a vacation or simply on a single-day trip to Malibu and remember the time for as long as they have their Globe Mug! Every time they look at our product, we want them to feel the same way they felt when they conquered the city of New York for the first time, or the way they felt while they hiked the mountains and saw tons of different creatures they never thought they’d see with their own eyes! 

So we hope to see these souvenir gifts on the shelves in the shops of Santa Monica, Long Beach, Hollywood, New York, Miami, Route 66 and so many more! 

We want to keep the nostalgia alive with Souvenifty!

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