The Best Gifts for Your Best Friend

The Best Gifts for Your Best Friend

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The Holidays are right around the corner! For some of you, this is exciting news, for the rest of us it means it’s time to start stressing over what we’re going to buy those important to us. Shopping seems nearly impossible, attempting to walk through the crowded mall is a stressful task alone, so most of us do our shopping online. That solves the problem of having to get out of bed, but now the question is what to buy everyone! 

I have kindly pieced together a list of gift ideas, all wonderful things you can find on our website for your bestest friends! I’ve divided the list into two, Stocking Stuffers and Ready-to-Shop. Stocking Stuffers are all smaller gifts, under $15! Everything under Ready-to-Shop is around the $20 range! These aren’t just ideas for friends, plenty of these can apply to family members, coworkers, neighbors, or those stressful Secret Santa Gifts. 

 Stocking Stuffers

1. Phone Pocket - How many times has your best friend had to replace her drivers license because she just can’t seem to keep her wallet in a safe place? Maybe the perfect gift for her is a phone pocket, she would never lose her phone would she? Of course not! Get her a wallet she can literally attach to her phone and boom, problem solved. Both cute and convenient! , $10.99
 2. Mia Pastel Keychain Wallets - Why are women’s wallets always so big and bulky? I love small crossbody’s, and those huge wallets just don’t fit in my bags! The perfect gift for someone with this same dilemma is this keychain wallet. I mean the different colors are awesome, and it’s so small it fits anywhere!! , $12.00

3. Glitter Bear Keychain- Putting together a Christmas Party is tough when you don’t know what to put in the presents the winners of your Christmas games will receive. But luckily keychains are here to save us. It’s a perfect keychain to add to those small gift bags! , $9.00                         

4. Furry Notebook -  We all have that one friend who has the craziest creativity ever, I  personally have the one that loves to write fictional stories of science! Help ‘em out and get them somewhere to doodle! If you don’t have that amazingly creative friend, then you gotta have the friend that’s insanely organized about everything. A soft furry notebook is definitely going to help them keep track of today’s To-Do list! , $12.00                         


5. Diamond Tumbler - Looking for a small and simple but still cute and thoughtful gift? Well here it is, ask your coworkers what their favorite candy is, grab them each one of these tumblers in the color you think they'll like best, and stock it full with candy! They'll have some of their favorite candy, and a cup to use in the office or at home every day!  , $12.00


6. Holographic Pom-Pom Charm - Are you putting together a Christmas Gift Basket for your mom? She is guaranteed to love this charm! The holographic color will add a beautiful sparkle to all of her purses! It makes for a great filler to add some extra pizzazz to that basket! , $9.00


7. Boa Feather Pens - I know what you’re thinking, pens for a Christmas gift? We’ve all seen the girls with the flashy pens and pencil pouches in school, hey some of us were those girls! There’s no shame in using a pen with feathers on it, office work but make it fashion! Plus, a lot of us appreciate office supplies as gifts, I mean we need it, you’re just doing us a favor by knocking it off the list! , $9.75



8. Glitter Makeup Bag Set - Okay, so maybe I’m not the best MUA but I definitely don’t like my makeup just rolling around in stuffy drawers. Nobody does. This bag set is the perfect gift for your teenage daughter at home who’s screaming at the top of her lungs because she just can’t seem to get that eyelash glued on properly- speaking from experience here. Help her keep her products organized, as they deserve to be, $34.50


9.  Forest Mug- Secret Santa always has me banging my head against a wall because maybe you don’t entirely know the person you have to get a gift for. Maybe it’s the person in your friend-group that you’ve never hung out with on your own. An adorable mug is always the safest way to go! Trust me on this one! , $18.00


10.Nicola Mini Crossbody - Is your sister always trying to out-glam you? I know mine is, she's too much to handle sometimes. The perfect gift for her is a stylish bag for her nightly outings, she’ll love a snazzy crossbody that isn’t overwhelming! The last thing you need on girls night is carrying around a giant bag, this one is really a life-saver. , $17.00


11. Unicorn Plushie Rug - If I had a dollar for every time I heard my niece say she wants a pet unicorn for Christmas… okay so maybe you can’t buy her a unicorn but a Unicorn Rug? C’mon that’s pretty awesome! That’ll definitely put a smile on her little face! It’ll brighten up the room of any and all unicorn-lovers! , $26.00

12. Jewelry Stand - Yet another great Secret Santa gift idea! We are all guilty of losing an earring or our favorite necklace; pink diamond earring, if you’re reading this, please come back to me… Help a girl out and get her a jewelry stand organizer where she can display her pretty jewels and never lose them again! , $18.00-20.00


13. Cat Plushie Slippers - Do you have younger brothers and sisters that don’t happen to know what a pair of socks look like? They wake up in the morning and walk barefoot to the bathroom, stepping all over that cold floor, I feel shivers every single time I see it. These slippers will save them from the icy morning floor! Grab them a pair and keep them nice and cozy! , $22.00       


14. Furry Circle Crossbody - The perfect bag for your most stylish friend! I will never understand how people are able to coordinate their outfits so perfectly but I guess we can’t all be blessed with that talent. Get her this super cute crossbody that is so soft you won’t want to stop touching! Seriously, I can’t stop… it’s a real problem… please help me , $21.50   


The list goes on and on, hopefully these were enough to give you some ideas! Try not to stress too much, chances are people will love anything you get them! It’s already a kind gesture to get anyone a gift, whatever comes inside that wrapping paper doesn’t matter! Unless you’re buying for your mom, if she doesn’t like her gift then it's game over.  


Happy Holidays and happy shopping!

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