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Fun Ways to Celebrate Spring During a Pandemic

Spring is right around the corner! As we approach a year since the COVID-19 lockdown from March last year, we reminisce on the better days when we could gather without taking precautions, dine inside restaurants, and greet friends with a hug. 

Things are different now, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun while staying safe! Here are a few ideas on fun spring activities that are also Covid-safe:

1. Organize a Zoom cooking competition in real time with your friends and share yummy recipes that you've learned during quarantine!

Test your creativity with different ways to make deviled eggs! 

List of recipes here:

2. Bake some delicious spring-themed pastries and deliver them to loved ones!

It's the thought that counts! Your family and friends will definitely be able taste the love you put into making these scrumptious strawberry cheesecake croissants! :D


3. Grow some plants! With better weather days, now is a great time to adopt a new plant baby! Pick one (or a few) up at your local plant nursery or gardening store and watch them grow and bring you happiness. 

If you're new to plant parenting, start with succulents, they're generally low maintenance and don't require daily watering. Here's a quick link on how to start your very own plant oasis from Pinterest. Happy Planting, and remember: Life is Beautiful! 

Photo from: @sucstu (Succulent Studios)






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Get Ready For Valentine's Day!

Whether you're single, taken, or in a relationship with food, we got some tips on how to celebrate! ;) How are you planning to spend the month of Love?

We got some fun, low cost ideas here:

1.) Baking cute cookies at home:

Find these cookies cutters on Etsy and share them with loved ones!

2.) Give something useful that will have them thinking of you all the time:

These super adorable wallet and card holders are both practical and trendy! Check them out here.

3.) Design your own gift box! Everything is more heartfelt when it's handmade! :)

Learn how to personalize your Valentine's gift box here!

Happy Planning! :D




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Holiday Gift Ideas for Tweens!


The holidays are just around the corner, and we've got the perfect gift ideas for the tweens and fun-loving girls in your life! They are sure to bring a huge smile to their faces! From stationary to travel accessories, we got all the essentials, quirky goodies, and much more.

Items Featured in this photo:

  • 16 Ounce capacity holographic tumbler with coffee lid – Keeps your hot and cold drinks from spilling while out and about. Perfect for coffee lovers all around!
  • Unicorn sunshine pencil pouch – Keep all writing utensils and stationary items in one place with this adorable zippered plush pencil pouch.
  • All that studying will induce hunger! Time for a study break. Sweeten up your gift set with some cute snacks, like marshmallows! :D
  • Lollipop USB connector, available for iPhone and Android. This is a lifesaver for those that are always on their phone! Keep your phone charged throughout the day with this pastel pink charging wire.
  • Set of 4 Highlighters in Pink, Green, Blue and Yellow – Stay organized and keep up your notes in check with the double edged (wide and thin surface area) highlighters! 
  • Beary Ice Cream Rainbow Keychain/Luggage Tag – Never lose your luggage or suitcase with this bright and fun bear luggage tag! It can also function as a keychain for your keys and other accessories.
  • Speaking of bears, adding some yummy gummy bears wouldn't hurt either! Who doesn't love a cute and delicious snack as a gift? 
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